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To Color or Not to Color? That is the Question

Maggie Sottero Divina 2 - To Color or Not to Color? That is the Question

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. Or, is she? Today some designers are featuring non-traditional colors and designs on their wedding dresses. The message behind it? You are unique. You are confident, bold and able to make a statement. Okay, does that mean the colored wedding dress is right for you on your big day? It depends.

Are you opting for a destination wedding? Soft prints and patterns that mimic the ocean or tropics would be interesting and appropriate for a whimsical, romantic day. Or, are you artsy, dramatic and daring? If you are, stepping out in a midnight black or deep silver dress probably wouldn’t be too shocking to your guests (or husband).

On the other hand, if the color trend interests you but you’re not willing to commit all the way, you can try adding pops and accents throughout your dress. In fact, a traditional white dress is no longer white. When brides begin to shop for their gowns, the go-to shades are off-white with a more antiquated hue.

New York Bride & Groom has a selection of gowns with touches of color to accommodate your creative idea. Black ribbon sashes can go around your waist to complement your groom’s black tux or to reflect a black-and-white wedding party color scheme. Subtle and neutral colors like gold, silver and champagne can also be accented through your dress’s embellishments, like beaded belting, scattered beaded flowers or even mixed among your train or veil.

Designers Mori Lee and Maggie Sottero’s lines are highlighted by beautiful gowns that range from traditional to fashion forward (short hemline, anyone?) in off-white or ivory with very subtle color accents, like blush, deep silver or mocha-colored sashes, on many of their dresses. Colored sashes draw the eye to the waist so it can emphasize the smallest point of your body, creating an instant slimming effect.

When it comes using color to enhance your wedding dress, just remember that oftentimes less is more — sleek and chic, that is.